This kid is GOOD.  This is Justin Sato of Rochester, NY Cueing Zedd’s song “Stay The Night” and doing it very well.  Justin is learning to Cue and as we can tell, he’s been practicing.  What I really enjoyed about this video was how well he emoted and even though we encourage certain standards for form and precision, Justin did very well at finding a middle ground here.  Learning to Cue at NTID is, to say the least, an interesting proposition and I applaud Justin for doing so. 

Despite minor stumbles, which are to be expected in the learning process, Justin displayed smooth and sure finger/hand placement.  Positioning changes were solid and bold, gaining enthusiasm and conveying the raw emotion the song demanded.  This offers a tantalizing glimpse into what could and can be with music.  To combine the aural sensory experience of rhythm and bass with the visual lyrics is something I’ve dreamed of for many years.

As a child, my parents played loud music because the experts say that exposing us to sound puts us in the position of finding out what we can do with it.  Guess what?  That’s true and it worked.  Imagine the following, a video featuring Justin’s brand of performance Cueing and a rhythm and bass line to go with it.  That’s a fun experience for me.


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